Zebra-Media Surveillance System

Zebra-Media Surveillance System

Video surveillance and motion capture software solution
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Zebra Video Surveillance System is a motion-capture and surveillance application. It comes with an intuitive and well organised user-interface, which provides easy access to all the program tools. Although, at first sight, the program might seem intricate, one may easily grasp its functionality.

One of the main advantages of using this application is the fact that it offers support for an unlimited number of cameras, whether connected by IP, or USB. In addition to this, Zebra Video Surveillance System can be set up to record the video streaming on its connected cameras either when it detects motion or just continuously. Furthermore, users are given the possibility to export the recorded events into Excel, Text, Html and XML files.

Also, one may preset this piece of software to send different types of alerts (through SMS, MMS or e-mail) when it detects hazardous activity on its video streams. From the “Alarm contacts list” menu, one is able to introduce as many contacts who should receive the alerts as one may wish. If there are recorded events that one chooses to delete, all that one should is select the “Delete event” menu, and either remove a certain event manually, or eliminate all events that precede a given date. Furthermore, in order to prevent false alarms, this utility has a sensitivity adjustment option for each area that the application is surveying.

To conclude with, Zebra Video Surveillance System is a handy and highly-configurable program for video surveillance, which allows its users to efficiently monitor their properties.

Mario Procione
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  • Easy to use
  • Clean interface
  • Plenty of well organized features
  • Unlimited number of cameras supported
  • Unlimited number of contacts on the alarm list


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